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Thank you for stopping by my website.  I have been very busy this past year writing and recording my original R&B/HipHop album. Thank you for the support!


Jori starting performing at the age of 5, and has received awards at state and national levels. In 2008-09 she was named the “House Singer” for the Sears Centre Arena in Illinois, performing the National Anthem for several professional teams. She continues to sing the National Anthem at professional venues.

By age 12, Jori picked up her first guitar and began gigging around the Illinois area. She also enjoys participating and performing for charitable events. Jori has interviewed and performed live on local radio stations.

Jori signed her first independent record label at the age of 14 (Vectordisc). As time passed, Jori then began writing R&B/Hip Hop material. Jori’s musical style has been influenced by a number of singers and performers including Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Eminem, and Adele. Now at age 21, Jori continues to send a positive message to others and strives to make an impact within the music industry
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